Fauna of SF: The Ancient Empathy

​”It’s all a fantastic construct designed for people to relieve their discomfort with the forest as well as the necessity to cooperate for any chance to survive there. You can smell the anxiety on them. They aren’t comfortable in their own minds, which is why they built these great dwellings and fiercely defend everything from each other—even their waste. Their self-revulsion begins deep within them. It’s impossible to be vulnerable and trusting in the face of the other when the thing you know best—yourself—is suspicious and full of fear and hatred of its own nature.

We don’t have such problems. We’re born with the memories of our time as wolves fully intact, regardless of the shapes to which we have been bent. The era when we descended from the wood to domesticate man is as fresh to us as this morning’s feeding. They were unnaturally aggressive and had no instinct for the pack. They very nearly extinguished their flame in the adolescence of their transformation. The savagery with which they set upon themselves gave even the most bloodlusted wolf packs reason to hesitate. But we resolved to throw in with their lot, as their success may one day be the salvation of us all. To acknowledge their worth would no doubt fuel their preposterous sense of self-importance, though it’s nevertheless true. We are interdependent. Without us, there would be no them, and if left on their own they would extinguish themselves and everything else.

We quit being wolves to teach them how to love, and we still believe in the possibility of goodness within them.”

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