Fauna of SF: The Honey Bee

“Storm’s coming soon, and I’d love to be around to see it. I’d prefer to be taken by the waves when they crash over the jetty, but I probably won’t make it to the morning. Might not make the evening either, at this rate. The storms here rarely do much damage on land; you have to be in open water for the real show. Swells and troughs like dancing mountain ranges. Looking upon the swarming water shatters the sense that we can affect any real change over our environment. On land, we tend to forget how we feel at sea, so we act with an audacious sense of impunity.
My kind is dying. The way we interact with the flora of this world delivers great bounty to other species. Under natural conditions, those life-giving riches are harvested and consumed as needed. It takes faith to know that there will be enough tomorrow, and that you’ll be there to collect what you need, knowing that the universe will again provide enough for the next day. It is a demonstration of profound mistrust to squeeze more and more from the breast of the world until it is nearly lifeless and empty, never giving back or relenting unless it is to reap twice as much later.
The logic is simple and elegant like a fractal. What defines the individual parts characterizes the pattern of the whole. If the world is overrun by parasites, then the world will be parasitized.  I’m just a worker—a #honeybee. Individually I can be swatted by a child and die unceremoniously on a tabletop. Only as a part of my hive do I begin to appear as I am; a keystone or an overlooked caryatid propping up a decaying temple from a dead empire.

There is a storm coming, but I will not be here to see it.”

#halfmoonbay #bayarea #honeybees #faunaofsf #sanfrancisco #norcal #climatechange #flashfiction


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