I wrote a blog post at the HBO Blog “Watching the Leftovers.”

You can find it at the following address:



The season began with a mystery that demanded an explanation which we never got and likely never will. The set design, writing, dialogue and performances were compelling, richly delivered, and seemed to somehow make sense to us in spite of the lack of a definitive starting point. There was “an event,” to be sure. In most ways it matched what we culturally understand as “The Rapture,” but it seemed to lack, we learned, certain characteristics we have come to believe about the Hand of God displaying His presence in the affairs of men. The Rapture wasn’t exclusive to the innocent, or to the Godly, or to those we might deem “worthy” of being spirited away. It simply happened, and left civilization in a state of trauma recovery wherein the majority seems to simply carry on as it were – as though their loved ones had inexplicably died. Other people, not unlike the roving former family dogs, abandoned the conceits of the society that had experienced the Rapture and coalesced into packs, finding an intoxicating solace in the strength of a central, charismatic leader. Still others, particularly the Guilty Remnant, withdrew in a kind of nihilistic gesture of clearing away the ideological flotsam of their former world so as to focus solely on the stupefying magnitude of the Departure.


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